Scott Plank Funds New School Gym for Teachers

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francisscottScott Plank and his wife, Dana DiCarlo, funded a new center to make sure teachers at one Locust Point school get their phys ed. The Teacher Wellness Center at Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School draws on a model that thinks of the educators as well as the students, according to a release posted at

Plank, the brother of Kevin Plank, is a former Under Armour executive who works on real estate development these days with his firm, War Horse. The Wellness Center has elements of both, with 1,574 square ft. that’s part of a larger renovation effort at the school, and fitness programming designed to link with Under Armour’s wearbles and newly purchased apps.

The space has workout equipment like an arc trainer, bikes and weights. Plank wants the Wellness Center to provide a variety of programs, so he’s enlisted FX Well to help with planning workouts.

“The Teacher Wellness Center model is an approach to health that we see often in the private sector, but is underrepresented in school systems, an area with high burnout rates and high stress,” Nate Costa, CEO of FX Well, said in a statement.


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