Cantor Ben Ellerin, of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, plays guitar during a gathering hosted by the synagogue in support of people impacted by the fatal shootings at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Steve Ruark)

By Simone Ellin

As Baltimore Jewry joined other communities around the nation and world in mourning the tragic murders of 11 worshipers at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue on Oct. 27, Jmore spoke with Howard Libit, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, about security measures being taken in our own Jewish community.

Jmore: What measures are being taken at institutions and venues in our community in response to the shooting?

Libit: We are fortunate to live in a community where Baltimore City and County police and the Maryland State Police were all in touch very quickly. There has been no specific threat to Baltimore, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have increased police presence.

We’re seeing evidence of increased patrols, and we will be for a while. I can’t say enough about the partnerships we have with police and government officials — the mayor, governor and the county executive have all been so supportive. They all want to make sure we have all the resources we need to feel safe.

But we’ve been thinking about security for a long time — since 9/11.

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