Serial is Back on Adnan Syed’s Case

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Serial producer Sarah Koenig
Serial producer Sarah Koenig on the Colbert Report

The case made famous by Serial is once again the focus of the team behind the podcast.

Adnan Syed is back in court to argue that he deserves a new trial in connection with Hae-Min Lee’s murder. With the big event that she helped bring to prominence, Sarah Koenig is back in Baltimore to follow the court proceedings. According to a newsletter, Serial is turning away from its current coverage of Bowe Bergdahl for Season 2 to return to the subject that got us all obsessed with the podcast in Season 1.

Koenig is filing audio updates about each day of the three-day hearing at the Serial website. She describes a “surreal” feeling when Serial was a topic of discussion in court.

At the three-day hearing, Syed’s legal team is arguing that he deserved a new trial because of the discovery of potential alibi witness Asia McClain, inadequate representation from his attorney Cristina Gutierrez, and cell phone records that were unclear.

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