Shark Week Brings Sightings, Both Live and Onscreen

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shark greatwhitecatch of the day fish (2)Shark Week started as a TV ratings play that also happened to raise fears just in time for viewers to head to the beach. This year in Maryland, Ocean City-goers have their own stories to tell.

According to CBS Baltimore, a group of teens reeled in a pair of sharks off Ocean City. While fishing off the 72nd St. Beach, the trio from Calvert County caught a pair of Sand Tiger sharks. One was 6 ft., while the other was 8 ft. long. They traded places every 20 minutes for three-and-a-half hours. This latest catch follows a Great White Shark catch off Ocean City earlier this year.

If you’d prefer some glass between you and a shark and want to guarantee, the National Aquarium is also celebrating Shark Week. The Inner Harbor marine mecca has a bevy of programming planned throughout the week that’s designed to go behind the scenes of a shark’s life (feeding, anyone?) If you’d really like to keep your distance, the Aquarium is also showing the events on Facebook Live for the first time.

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