Sheila Dixon Says the Mayoral Election Isn’t Over

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sheilabluedress-new-500x600Sheila Dixon promised that she wasn’t done with politics during her speech after the mayoral primary. A week later, the ink is barely dry on the thinkpieces, and the former mayor is alleging improprieties in the election that was called for State Sen. Catherine Pugh.

In a pair of interviews on Tuesday, Dixon said she didn’t technically concede the race to Pugh during her speech. She claimed that the race was ridden with irregularities.

The first is the fact that the vote totals have yet to be finalized. Reports of missing totals for eight precincts surfaced last week, and Dixon told WBAL’s Bryan Nehman that she wants to know the official count before conceding.

“We would like to have the official count…Before we talk about a recount or anything, what is the actual vote for election day?” she said, adding that most of the precincts were in West Baltimore, which she considers a stronghold.

Whether the votes would sway the race toward Dixon is an open question. In all, about 10,000 votes are outstanding.

Later, Dixon told the Baltimore Sun‘s Doug Donovan that she is exploring legal options to potentially challenge the outcome.

Dixon isn’t the only one claiming regularities. An independent group led by a pair of activists is also gathering citizen input on any irregularities during early voting and on election day. They asked Gov. Larry Hogan to halt the certification of the results and bring in the State Prosecutor to investigate.

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