Sheilah Kast Will Replace Dan Rodricks on WYPR’s Midday

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Sheilah Kast
Sheilah Kast

WYPR announced plans for the future of its Midday program in the wake of the news that Dan Rodricks is leaving the public radio program.

Sheilah Kast, who currently hosts Maryland Morning, will take over Midday hosting duties on Oct. 5. The new program will be an hour long. Tom Hall, who currently co-hosts Maryland Morning, will take over sole duties on the morning show.

Kast and Hall started on Maryland Morning in 2006. Before public radio, she worked as a newspaper reporter, and correspondent in TV news.

“I am excited about the opportunity to take the conversations I’ve been having about Maryland news and public affairs to a new level and looking forward to engaging listeners directly,” Kast said in a statement.

Rodricks is set to leave the local NPR affiliate on Oct. 2 to focus more on his duties as Baltimore Sun columnist, and take on additional roles at the paper.

Kast and Rodricks represented two of the votes contested by WYPR management in an employee vote to unionize last year. Management argued that Rodricks and Kast were supervisors, and therefore weren’t eligible to take part in the union vote.


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  1. What a loss to NPR. Dan, your insightful show will be missed. I can think of very few reporters in your class (i.e Fareed Zakaria, Christiane Amanpour) of quality reporting. I hope Kast does a better job than when live as Baltimore Speaker Series host where her management of questions and dialogue with speakers is quite poor.

  2. observations:
    very fair highly empathetic.
    not a very good adaptive host fast on her feet. seems stymied by a live broadcast environment.

    in all an inadequate choice for this program. glad it is one hour now

  3. revisiting my November 18 post…
    Sheila’s role as live host is a disaster. I didn’t enter the fray that ensued when Mark Steiner moved on so I have no motive in this matter. But allowing Sheila to remain reflects poorly on station management. I am a sustaining member and will ardently remain one. But that doesn’t excuse this hosting debacle to remain unchallenged.

    • But she can’t be any worse than Dan Rodericks. Listening to that guy stumble his way through an interview, asking a question the guest had already answered, just basically ill prepared, made me cringe. He was just a blow hard with strong opinions.

  4. I think Mrs last will do wonderful .
    I would hope that she keeps her promise to the truck drivers that go in and out of seagirt marine terminal. She was lied to by the representative for Seagirt that us drivers rarely wait hrs to get our containers out.,Right now today Seagirt has been backed up and down Browning Hey for Three hrs now.

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