Should Baltimoreans Start Selling Their Leftover Parking Time?

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I love traditional parking meters. There’s always a chance that there will be time on them when you pull in. If you put too little change in to begin with, you just add a couple coins and the extra time gets tacked on the end. They’re also located right next to your parking spot.

For those same reasons, I hate Muni-Meters. They frequently malfunction. They might be any given distance from where you’re parked. But what’s terribly annoying is that you might leave your spot with useless leftover time.

New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg recently signed a new law that allows the leftover time on Muni-Meter receipts to count toward public parking anywhere else in the city (with equal or lower parking rates).

Certainly, it seems like a similar rule would be appropriate in Baltimore. Why not apply the time to another parking spot? On the other hand if, as some predict, the law will create a secondary market for parking time, with motorists selling their half-used receipts at a discount, it would eliminate one of the few unsolicited acts of charity I regularly witness in Baltimore.

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