Should Maryland Ban Bottled Water?

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After an initial infatuation, recently there’s been a strong consumer backlash against bottled water. In today’s money- and environmentally-conscious world, it’s hard to ignore bottled water’s environmental impact, not to mention the fact that it costs one to two thousand times as much as tap water.

Mindful of these arguments — and, it must be said, strapped for cash — Maryland is the latest place to consider a statewide ban on government funding for bottled water when tap water is available. O’Malley endorsed the policy earlier this month, and the bottled water industry reacted with predictable ire. But the policy — similar to ones currently active in Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Illinois, and over 100 cities nationwide — would reduce both costs and waste, argue advocates.

The state paid Deer Park $200,000 for water last year; what do you think the bottled water savings should be spent on?

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