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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks O’Malley’s “Unrecognizability”



On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late night show called former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley the “least recognizable candidate” in the 2016 race. And then he set about proving it.

Maybe Martin O’Malley Really, Really Wants a Record Deal



Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley stopped by The View yesterday, played a Taylor Swift song, and left the ladies all in a tizzy. Some thought the move was a desperate attempt to revive his flagging campaign. Others thought he had a more sinister motive in mind.

O’Malley Makes His Feelings Known



O’Malley still hasn’t officially announced his presumed presidential run (even though he’s already rented plenty of office space), but he sure isn’t shying away from sharing other opinions with a national audience.

Is O’Malley Breaking the Rules?



Martin O’Malley is doing everything it takes to run for president–attacking rivals; frequent trips to Iowa; selfies–except actually admitting that he’s running for president. Which might actually be against the law.

A Forever House In Homeland: You, The Kids, And A Super Clean Dog



Hot House: 214 Goodale Road, Baltimore 21212

Stone and stucco, French country style house, designed by Palmer-Lamdin, circa 1929. Four bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half baths over three stories, 4,144 sq. ft. Hardwood floors, crown moldings, large family room with gas fireplace, den, living room with fireplace, dining room and eat in kitchen/granite counters, mudroom. Large master suite with walk in closets, sep. glass shower.  Semi-finished basement, 2 car detached garage, central a/c: $874,500.

Why Does Martin O’Malley Take So Many Selfies?


Former Maryland governor and current presidential wannabe Martin O’Malley takes a whole lot of selfies.

Are You A Lawyer? O’Malley Has a Job for You…


Gov. Martin O’Malley_6_0

Maryland is currently housing more unaccompanied migrant children per capita than any other state. Those kids all need to go through immigration proceedings, and most of them don’t have access to lawyers. And if you’re a lawyer in Maryland, Martin O’Malley wants you get involved.

Your Comments Hold Nothing Back!


Thanks for more good food for thought, readers. A diverse array of writing brought a diverse cluster of smart comments this past week.

On Friday, Michael Yockel’s post, “NYTimes Stamps O’Malley 2016 Presidential Contender,”
saw thumbs point up and down, with Morris 701 posting on the site, “Is this an example of the Peter Principle? Really…President? I don’t think he could survive that close up…what are his accomplishments?” Courtney Gilbert Middleton put it more simply on our Facebook page, “Barf.” But Barbara Wilgus and Alisha George gave the notion a “like.”

Marion Winik’s latest, “I Believe, Hon: An Ode to Exit 9A,” which describes her thorny journey from Pennsylvania until she finally crowned Baltimore the hometown of her heart, tugged at local and out-of-state readers’ emotions and invited vicarious I-Love-Baltimore praise.

“Hi Marion,” wrote Laura Hirschfield, “Thanks for the memories!  I grew up in Roland Park, double parked at Eddie’s, scraped up our old Buick station wagon in the post office parking garage, walked to that library and worked at Morgan and Millard’s (now Petit Louis). Now I live in Austin and get off at the Bee Caves Rd exit! LOL! I  totally agree about the exit sign. Even now, 26 years after I moved away, that Cold Spring Lane sign still gives me a happy jolt of ‘home’!”

Meanwhile, Jen cooed, “Great and insightful, as always. Thanks for making me want to stay! I’ve been in some phase of ‘leaving’ Baltimore for more than five years. But sometimes, like you said, what you need is right under your nose.”

Betsy Boyd’s short report, “Police Presence Persists in Roland Park,” said thanks to the local officer who stood watch over the Petit Louis intersection several chilly nights in a row. (Susan Dunn had first shared the holdup crime scoop.)

“MMW” wrote, in reference to both stories, “I know it isn’t the best tactic when faced with a gun threat, but I’m lovin’ that one of the gals refused to give up her purse. Not to be too glib about it, but when faced with the concept of having to rebuild a stolen purse and (worse still) dealing with getting a new license at the DMV, it is arguably worth the risk.”

Added “ACS,” “Hoping the Petit Louis kitchen is keeping the officers fed with a steady supply of their famous frites! Merci, Baltimore P.D.!”

“[Here],” a short story by Michael Kimball, sees through the eyes of a boy who suffers abuse at school until he learns to stand up for himself in a most inventive manner — the piece was widely read, with Julie Gengo noting “What a brilliant story. I love this! You have such a great sense of life. Thank you for putting it out there.”

“The Boys and Girls We’ll Always Be,” a Lit Cafe entry featuring two of Leslie Miller’s saucy soon-to-be-published poems, garnered this compliment from “Stoop”: “That Jimmy’s naughty. Easy to like these two poems. Great rhythms.”

And Charm City Cook Amy Langrehr’s post, “The Source,” a celebration of the expert support she receives with “adult-beverage” selection at the Wine Source in Hampden, brought additional applause for the wise wine and spirits staff.

“He has rarely missed with us, that’s for sure! I believe that the Wine Source in general and Ian in particular has been one of the foundations of my happy marriage. Nicely written, but I was sorta hoping you’d share the name of the box wine you like, cause I’m ready for a change,” wrote MMW.

Not missing a beat, Charm City Cook typed back, “MMW, I’ve enjoyed Yellow+Blue Malbec and Le Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet is also great (especially with shellfish!).”

Now we know!

O’Malley Takes Second Crack at Wind Energy, Oh, and One Other Thing


After last year’s offshore wind bill failed to pass, Gov. Martin O’Malley went back to the drawing board, lifted a few moves from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and returned to the General Assembly today with a modified bill.

The new plan (like the old one) will likely raise residential electricity bills $1.50 to $2.00 per month. The portion of their power that wholesalers would have to purchase from wind farms beginning in 2017? 2.5 percent. Does that seem like small potatoes to anybody else?

And not to get too conservative on you, but how are we going to make a large-scale move to “green” energy if it requires a state mandate and a measurably larger electricity bill just to move wind to 2.5 percent? Just sayin’.

Oh, by the way, after he presents his revamped wind plan, he is going to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Failures of "Smart Growth" in Maryland


Smart growth — the anti-sprawl urban planning theory that encourages transit-oriented development, walkable city centers, and mixed-use development — sounds like, well, an intelligent idea. No wonder our governor is a proponent. But despite the best efforts of O’Malley and other interested parties, Maryland experts think our state’s potential for smart growth is weak, and being threatened from many sides.

The University of Maryland surveyed planners, developers, and land-use advocates — all stakeholders in the growth of our region. For one, the state has designated special areas — Priority Funding Areas, or PFAs — for smart growth development. But UM’s survey found that the planners and developers preferred to work outside of these PFAs, largely because of the various regulations and ordinances they have to follow.

As a result, the current system “is barely moving the needle on most widely accepted measures of smart growth,” says Gerrit Knaap, head of the university’s National Center for Smart Growth. Knaap’s report argues for more flexibility in the system.

What do you think is the best way for Maryland to grow?