On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late night show called former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley the “least recognizable candidate” in the 2016 race. And then he set about proving it.

In a game the show called “How Long Will It Take for Someone to Recognize Martin O’Malley,” Kimmel and his producers attempted to find out… well, how long it would take before someone recognized Martin O’Malley. They showed characters up and down Hollywood Boulevard a picture of O’Malley’s smiling face and asked them to identify him. The most common answer: “I don’t know.” The second most common: “Al Gore?”

YouTube video

Mocking O’Malley feels a little mean-spirited at this point, after that time that only one guy showed up to a campaign event. But maybe being mocked on national TV will actually help raise O’Malley’s profile — which sounds like exactly what he needs right now.

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