Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley stopped by The View yesterday, played a Taylor Swift song, and left the ladies all in a tizzy. Some thought the move was a desperate attempt to revive his flagging campaign. Others thought he had a more sinister motive in mind.

Writing in the Atlantic, David Graham wonders if we all have it backward — that is, O’Malley didn’t bring out his guitar because he hopes it will get him closer to the White House… instead, he’s only running for president because what he really wants is a record deal. “It’s hard to make it in the music business, especially these days, and as ways to snag a record contract go, campaigning for president is only slightly more demeaning than trying out forAmerican Idol,” Graham points out.

And, to be honest, O’Malley’s chance of making it onto the pop charts are currently looking better than his odds of becoming president; he’s currently polling at less than 1%. Yikes.

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  1. …I was taught that if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut…so I will keep my mouth shut.

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