O’Malley Makes His Feelings Known

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O’Malley still hasn’t officially announced his presumed presidential run (even though he’s already rented plenty of office space), but he sure isn’t shying away from sharing other opinions with a national audience.

At the end of last week, O’Malley was busy making some of those opinions known. He tweeted his opposition to family detention camps for undocumented immigrants, spoke out strongly against the death penalty, and… asked everyone to follow him on Snapchat. Okay, so that last one doesn’t quite fit. But those first two sound like a guy who’s trying to elbow his way into the national debate about a number of hot-button issues. I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more from him before the long, long 2016 presidential campaign season is over.

So now the pressing question is: When and how is he going to change his Twitter name from “Governor O’Malley” to “President-Wannabe O’Malley”?

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