Should Maryland Persuade the Redskins to Change Their Team Name?

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Baltimore’s professional football team is named after a famous poem; Washington, DC’s is named after what is essentially a racial slur. But is that something Maryland lawmakers should be worrying about?

Since the team’s home stadium is technically in Maryland (in Prince George’s County, to be specific), Maryland lawmakers on both sides are suddenly making the team’s name their business. Two state delegates have proposed a resolution that urges the Redskins’ owner to change the team’s name since the current one brings to mind “gruesome acts of genocide.” Or, as Slate put it in their recent argument against the Redskins moniker, it “is only a bit offensive” but it’s also “extremely tacky and dated.”

Meanwhile, the state senate’s president said yesterday that he thinks it’s a bad idea to pressure the team to change its name, claiming its a decision better left to the team’s owner and the NFL. Readers, what do you think? And more importantly — if the team does decide to ditch the Redskins name, what should they opt for instead?

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