Walther Gardens store. Photo taken by Latrice Hill.

Siblings Matthew and Paula Wittek, originally from a little town outside of Buffalo, New York, purchased Walther Gardens in 2014 when they wanted a change of pace from life up north.

Now, the Witteks are ready to pass the baton to new owners, with the Baltimore Business Journal reporting that the nursery, farmhouse and historic snowball stand went on the market Monday.

The BBJ reported that the Walther Gardens property, located at 3501 Southern Ave., is listed at $450,000. The adjacent three-bedroom house at 3507 Southern Ave. is also listed at $300,000.

Walther Gardens in northeast Baltimore’s Moravia-Walther neighborhood is home to fresh-cut Christmas trees, homegrown herbs, bath and body products, indoor and outdoor décor, and antique furniture.

Visitors can typically find Matthew working in the outdoor greenhouses while Paula is most frequently in the store, located in a large white historic farmhouse. There Paula greets each customer with a warm welcome, ready to answer any questions or give any suggestions.

“This place has been my magic place to repair, rejuvenate, and reinvent,” Paula said. “This is like my healing spot.”

The 10-month nursery closes January and February, and when they reopen in March it’s an organic herbal nursery. The owners work with a lot of herbalists to carry the best quality products for medicinal, culinary, and aromatherapeutic purposes. 

Where typically fresh plants and flowers would be housed, in the spring, is now full of Christmas trees due to the holiday season. This year they started with 1,800 trees and they are currently down to 100.

Additionally, the store is full of Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and other décor. But when it’s not the holiday season, everything in the store is all about gardening, organic body care, and organic foods. 

Walther Gardens is also the home of the oldest snowball stand in the United States. The historic landmark, which opened 1922 and just celebrated its 100th year, operates from May until September. 

Oldest snowball stand in the nation. Photo taken by Latrice Hill.

The stand not only carries your everyday flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum, but also flavors that keep with the organic theme like lavender, elderflower, jasmine rose, and honeysuckle lime. Additionally, the flavors are made with cane sugar and no preservatives.  

More than just a nursery, the sibling team pride Walther Gardens on being a gathering spot for the community and turning customers into family. 

During the summer months shoppers may catch local musicians performing at the nursery’s open mic event, “Friday Night Music Under the Moon.”

They hold fundraisers for different causes and they even allow teachers from local schools to visit with their students for garden or butterfly hatcheries lessons. 

“This is like a hub that is offered to the community. However they want to use it, they can,” Paula said. “We wouldn’t have had the growth and development here if it wasn’t for the support of the community, so we always give back.”

Earlier this month, Shorty’s Barbecue provided food as Walther Gardens hosted a community meal event.

“We like to hold these events to thank them [the community] for their continued support,” Paula said.

They also offer classes in handmade paper, jewelry, bookbinding, botanical printing of fabrics, handmade flower presses, making herbal products, homemade bath and beauty works, and homemade cleaning supplies. 

Walther Gardens is open seven days a week during the holiday season.

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  1. I will never forget going into the store a few years ago, sadly lacking the Christmas spirit. The owner gave me such comforting words and turned me around beautifully. Loved that store!

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