Six U-Md. Applicants Were Accepted with a Hug from a Fuzzy Turtle

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University of Maryland

The admissions staff at University of Maryland know that their acceptance letters give joy to anxious applicants. It’s a joy that they’ve wanted to get in on themselves, after slogging through thousands of applications with little direct emotional payoff, year after year. So this time around, they picked six students “mostly at random” to surprise with a bus full of admissions staff in Maryland colors plus one person dressed up as Testudo, the school’s terrapin mascot, rolling up to their front door.If they were hoping these students would be elated at the news, it looks like at least half of them didn’t disappoint. The Washington Post describes gasps of welcome surprise from the applicants, tears from their parents, and consensual bear hugs with a giant turtle. You can watch a short video of three “acceptance ambushes,” if you will. (What happened with the other three?)

If I were one of the many applicants getting a simple email acceptance from University of Maryland this year, I can’t tell if I’d be disappointed or relieved.



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