SlutWalk Baltimore Plans Bill Cosby Protest

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A still from a recent video promoting Cosby's recent Charleston, S.C., show
A still from a recent video promoting Cosby’s recent Charleston, S.C., show

Apparently undaunted by many, many recent allegations of sexual assault, Bill Cosby is scheduled to play the Lyric Opera House tomorrow. And not everybody is happy about that.

The Baltimore City Paper reports that the local chapter of sexual assault victim advocacy group SlutWalk plans to protest outside the Lyric on Friday night. “The purpose of the protest is to inform event attendees of who they are supporting and to show the Modell Performing Arts Center that Baltimoreans do not want Cosby performing in our city,” according to an announcement on the SlutWalk Facebook page.

After the assault allegations against Cosby re-surfaced last fall, a number of theaters cancelled upcoming Cosby shows. Others, however, did not; the comedian has tended to ignore the many, many charges against him in his shows over the past few months.

The protest is scheduled to start at 6:30 PM.

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  1. I support Slutwalk. It appalls me that this theatre continues to think it appropriate to have Cosby appear there as if he is an upstanding citizen. He is a serial rapist who has managed to get away with his crimes because of fame and money to cover up and intimidate victims.

    I can’t come. How can I support Slutwalk?

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