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catch of the day fish (2)Most of us have at least a touch of the entrepreneurial spirit inside of us. And starting your own small business can certainly be exciting, and a great way to do what you love. But if you ask pretty much anyone who’s started their own business, or who works for themselves, you’ll likely hear tale after tale (and sometimes lamentation) about just how difficult starting your own small business can be. Start-up and overhead costs can spiral out of control before you’ve even got your feet on the ground. Simply having the space to work and meet with colleagues or clients can be a surprising stumbling block. And sure there’s the entire sector of the population that uses the neighborhood coffee shop as an office, but is that really the best model for a small business? We think not. Coworking has come into vogue in a number of larger cities, and thankfully, it’s also here (and expanding!) in Baltimore. LEANSPACE Solutions offers exceptional coworking and meeting space right here in town—with a spectrum of services for everyone from the lone freelancer to the growing tech firm.Small private conference Room

Lounge and coworking spaceLEANSPACE likes to say that it’s a place where “people and ideas are powered.” We love that. Because anyone who runs a small business knows that half the battle is simply maintaining the energy and drive to fuel your business to grow day in and day out. That’s why LEANSPACE takes care of all the things you shouldn’t have to—maintaining a clean, welcoming, and well-outfitted office environment, complete with free coffee, tea, scanning, faxing, and so much more. There are private conference rooms for meetings and sales pitches, as well as a beautiful community space where you can get your work done in a conducive setting, surrounded by your equally-creative-mover-and-shaker-type peers. And for those who believe that any kind of dedicated business space is still out of their reach, you should know that LEANSPACE’S rates are so affordable we almost couldn’t believe it. Seriously, you’ll pay less for an hour at LEANSPACE than you would for the lattes you’d have to order to keep your table at a cafe; and truthfully, you’ll probably get more done. Because with this kind of space, support, and atmosphere, there’s nothing your small business can’t take on.

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Small private conference room with multimedia

LEANSPACE Solutions is located at 1529 Light Street, First Floor/Unit A in Baltimore. For more information about LEANSPACE, visit

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