SNL Goes with Fast Food Toilet Humor Joke on Baltimore’s ‘Fatberg’

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A view from inside the pipe. Image via DPW.

Baltimore made its way into Michael Che and Colin Yost’s “Weekend Update” segment during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night.

The mention was tied to the now-infamous “fatberg”, a massive lump of congealed fat, grease, oil, wet wipes and more gunk that built up beneath the streets of Station North. The rancid mass clogged up the a two-foot-wide sewer main, causing two dry-weather sewage dumps into the Jones Falls within a two-week period last month.

Baltimore City Department of Public Works spokesman Jeffrey Raymond explained in an email on Sept. 25 that workers would “have to scrape it off the walls, and take it out through manholes.” It was later sent to the city’s landfill down in Hawkins Point.

During the season premiere for SNL last night, NBC’s writers used the fatberg as fodder for a zinger right between jokes about Saudi Arabia’s new law allowing women to drive and some of Hostess’ oddly named packaged snacks.

“Maintenance workers in Baltimore say they have cleared an 140-ton ‘fatberg’ from the sewer system, which is made up of congealed fat and waste that will not break down,” Jost said in his news anchor voice. “So good news, Baltimore: The McRib is back.”

Now, even if the McRib were back (it’s not), it still wouldn’t be responsible for the infrastructural mess that was the city’s latest fatberg. That was all due to us humans flushing wet wipes down our toilets and pouring cooking grease and oils down our kitchen drains. “Better to scrape it into a container that can be trashed, or using a paper towel to wipe the pans,” Raymond advised.

If you got excited by Yost’s quip about the McRib being back, here’s a handy locator to see if it’s still being served anywhere.

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