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DPW: Baltimore maintains overall ‘excellent’ drinking water, by federal standards

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Even as auditors have spotted some major waste issues in Baltimore’s drinking water system, the city has some good news: The Department of Public Works’ latest annual report says the city still has very high-quality drinking water.

Amid Cold Spell, DPW Tracks Water Main Breaks and Repairs on Interactive Map

Broken (red), in-repair (yellow) and fixed (blue) water mains. Still from map, via Baltimore City DPW.

As of around 4 p.m. today, city work crews and contractors are dealing with as many as 95 water mains that have busted in Baltimore City and County due to the ongoing frigid cold spell.

Water Bills Will Soon be Too Expensive for More than Half of Baltimore Households, Report Says

Photo by Ángelo González

Baltimore’s ongoing water and sewer rate hikes are fast becoming too expensive for most of the city, according to a new report by an independent economist.

Baltimore’s Drinking Water Ranked the 10th Best in the Country

Image by Chihonglee, via Wikimedia Commons

For all of Baltimore’s infrastructural problems, our drinking water is first-rate, according to a magazine’s new ranking of municipal water systems.

Baltimore’s Sewer-Dwelling ‘Fatberg’ is No More

A view from inside the pipe. Image via DPW.


City work crews yesterday laid into the massive hunk of congealed fat, wet wipes and literal crap that piled up under Station North.

SNL Goes with Fast Food Toilet Humor Joke on Baltimore’s ‘Fatberg’

A view from inside the pipe. Image via DPW.

Baltimore made its way into Michael Che and Colin Yost’s “Weekend Update” segment during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night.

Man-Made ‘Fatberg’ Causes 1.2M Gallons of Sewage to Overflow into Jones Falls

A small “fatberg.” Photo courtesy of Blue Water Baltimore.

The creatures that inhabit Baltimore’s Jones Falls are more than familiar with the putrid overflows that arrive with even moderate rains. But last Thursday, on what should have been an off day for sewer discharges, a whopping 1.2 million gallons entered the waterway thanks to a gunky, man-made buildup in a sewer line running below Station North.

Glitch at DPW Yields Screwed-Up (Shortened) Water Bills


Was your water bill for last month extraordinarily low? Unfortunately, your low household consumption probably wasn’t the reason.

Greenlaurel: New City Stormwater Training Program Offers a Pathway to a Better Life

Sean Williams, a participant in Civic Works’ Stormwater Management Technician Training program, shares his story at the program’s official launch. 

Sean Williams has come a long way. Soon, he’ll be learning how to build, maintain and inspect stormwater infrastructure for Baltimore as a trainee in Civic Works’ inaugural Stormwater Management Technician Training program. “It isn’t going to be easy right now, but what can you expect coming from the bottom up?” he said.

City to Start Reimbursing Residents for in-Home Sewage Backups Under Renegotiated Sewer Plan

Waste “digesters” at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Baltimore officials today approved a $1.6 billion update to the city’s existing consent decree, realigning the city’s goals and deadlines for fixing its troubled sewage system. Among the changes: the city plans to finally start paying you back when you have to scramble to clean up putrid overflows into your pipes or basement.