SNL Lampoons Ben Carson, Hides Larry Hogan Easter Egg in Cold Open

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Jay Pharoah plays Ben Carson in Saturday's cold open.
Jay Pharoah plays Ben Carson in Saturday’s cold open.

Saturday Night Live‘s take on former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson in its GOP debate parody stuck to charted territory but boasted a few worthwhile moments.

Jay Pharoah redonned his sleepy eyes and praying-mantis hands to play his version of Carson: a man who can neither open his eyes all the way nor convincingly express anger. If you find SNL‘s tendency to beat dead horses funny unto itself, then you’ll like this. There’s a particularly funny Carson “reaction” shot late in sketch.

The bit also featured a very subtle reference to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. Bobby Moynihan’s Chris Christie costume featured a lime green wristband matching the one Christie wore (up until this weekend) to show solidarity with Hogan as he underwent treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Here’s the cold open in full:

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