Snow Day Genius: Baltimore Restaurant Delivers the Customer to the Food

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Photo via Pete's Grille Facebook page
Photo via Pete’s Grille Facebook page

I knew Pete’s Grille was amazing when I heard that Michael Phelps ate there many mornings during his training for the Olympics. But yesterday, my favorite Waverly breakfast spot made me love it more than ever… by offering to pick up hungry neighbors and drive them to the restaurant. You know, like delivery — but in reverse!

Yesterday, the Pete’s team announced on Facebook that they’d use a 4-wheel drive vehicle to pick up carloads of people in the Charles Village/Waverly area and deliver them safely and soundly to the restaurant, where they could then enjoy a delicious Western omlette with hashbrowns. (Or that’s what I would’ve ordered, at least.)

According to the Baltimore Sun, a few dozen customers took Pete’s up on the offer.

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