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Amazon Launches Restaurant Delivery Service in Baltimore



In its quest to offer speedy delivery of absolutely everything, Amazon launched its Prime restaurant delivery service in Baltimore yesterday; we’re the first East Coast city to try out the new service.

Baltimore Booze Delivery App Offers Free Delivery This Weekend



As of this week, there’s not one but two alcohol delivery apps serving the Baltimore area. Drizly launched a few months ago; this week, Brewber joins the fray. And in celebration of their launch, they’re offering free delivery today, tomorrow and Sunday from 2-9 PM. 

Snow Day Genius: Baltimore Restaurant Delivers the Customer to the Food

Photo via Pete's Grille Facebook page
Photo via Pete’s Grille Facebook page

I knew Pete’s Grille was amazing when I heard that Michael Phelps ate there many mornings during his training for the Olympics. But yesterday, my favorite Waverly breakfast spot made me love it more than ever… by offering to pick up hungry neighbors and drive them to the restaurant. You know, like delivery — but in reverse!

Enjoying Your Snow Day? Don’t Forget to Tip

Photo by Jeff Risom via Cities for People
Photo by Jeff Risom via Cities for People

When it’s too cold to leave the house, the smart/lazy among us order in. If you’re avoiding the outdoors by getting food delivered to your doorstep, remember that a delivery person had to brave the elements so you could stay at home in your PJs. In other words: When the weather is awful, adjust your tips accordingly.

Baltimore Maternity Wards: Living Larger


For me, at 23, having a kid is a distant (and somewhat daunting) prospect, so maybe I’m in the minority when I say it seems strange how some expectant moms are now shopping around for a fancy hospital room like other people shop fine cars. I guess when you’ve been carrying a parasitic joy bundle for nine months, you’re swollen, nauseated, and moody; you want to experience the utmost comfort possible while squeezing a watermelon out of something the size of…a lemon? In fact, when I stop to think of it in these (no doubt slightly inaccurate) terms, the cushy quarters sound downright essential.

If you’re expecting, by all means, expect a little more: several Baltimore-area hospitals are competing to provide maximum comfort for nearly-there moms.

The Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson sports flat screen televisions, hardwood floors, lighting and wallpaper that scream serenity. You can read Julie McAllister’s Baltimore Sun testimony on GBMC here. GBMC also offers private rooms and sleep sofas for any spouse wanting to spend the night, as does Sinai Hospital. Sinai also offers wireless Internet for those new dads who need to Google how to change a diaper. Mercy Medical has tubs for women craving a relaxing bubble bath water birth.

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center updated its maternity ward six months ago with freshly painted walls, rocking chairs, sleep sofas, and nourishing steak dinners, yum! In April, Johns Hopkins’ maternity area will move to the new Sheikh Zayed Tower, complete with 10 new rooms, room service, and interactive televisions. Karin J. Blakemore, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Hopkins, told the Sun that they basically treat new moms like “goddesses on a pedestal.”

Now that I know my luxury options, I’m no closer to being ready for pregnancy. But for any of you moms-to-be, I say shop around. There are clearly some amazing accommodations at these hospitals and they’re making these improvements for hard-working you. So get your money’s worth, because soon you’ll have a watermelon in your arms most every waking hour, one that howls at the moon, from what I understand, and requires lots of feeding and changing, not that that isn’t a beautiful thing.