Baltimore Booze Delivery App Offers Free Delivery This Weekend

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As of this week, there’s not one but two alcohol delivery apps serving the Baltimore area. Drizly launched a few months ago; this week, Brewber joins the fray. And in celebration of their launch, they’re offering free delivery today, tomorrow and Sunday from 2-9 PM. 

Brewber has a slightly different model than Drizly, in that they partner with stores (like Bo Brooks Lighthouse Liquors) that handle their own delivery; they’re also a local company, while Drizly is Boston-based. They say their prices will be comparable to their competitors… though they haven’t offered any specifics yet.

At the moment, Brewber deliversas  far west as Fells/Harbor East and as far north as the Patterson Park/Highlandtown. Baltimore’s housebound drinkers, rejoice.

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