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Event Pick: Chuck’s Trading Post throws a party to celebrate that they can now serve booze

Image via Facebook

The dry days are over at Hampden’s signature–and probably only–breakfast skillet spot, Chuck’s Trading Post. Tonight, the restaurant will celebrate its newfound freedom to serve alcohol by partnering up on a party with nearby Union Craft Brewing. “Prohibition Ends at Last!” a flyer reads, also listing some of the brews that will be on tap, including the Double Duckpin double IPA, the coffee-infused Pajama Pants oatmeal stout and others.

Event Pick: A Four-Day Cider Convention Begins Today in Baltimore

Photo by Jenna Post, via Wikimedia Commons

Cider makers have descended on Baltimore for a four-day convention devoted to all things fermented fruit from today through Feb. 2. And while their affair is reserved for only dues-paying members of the U.S. Association of Cider Makers, CiderCon brings with it Cider Week, a slew of tastings, release parties and meet-and-greets starting at around happy hour today.

Ray Lewis Gives First Two Bottles of His New Bourbon to Trump and Pence

Ray Lewis in 2013, photo via Wikimedia Commons

Starting today, Donald Trump and Mike Pence will lead the United States of America together for at least the next four years. Retired Ravens great Ray Lewis wanted to make sure they had something to celebrate with, so he’s giving a pair of bottles of his new limited-edition bourbon to the Republican leaders.

Booze Thieves Hit North Baltimore Mediterranean Restaurant on Christmas Day

The outside of Bosphorus Bistro, via Google StreetView

At some point on Christmas, while you were busy spending time with loved ones and living out your holiday spirit, two individuals were out in North Baltimore in search of a different kind of spirit.

Ravens Fans Are Not Drunk



Though Ravens fans have plenty of excuses to drink so far this season, they aren’t taking advantage of that fact. According to VinePair, Ravens fans are among the least-drunk fans in the entire NFL.

Baltimore Booze Delivery App Offers Free Delivery This Weekend



As of this week, there’s not one but two alcohol delivery apps serving the Baltimore area. Drizly launched a few months ago; this week, Brewber joins the fray. And in celebration of their launch, they’re offering free delivery today, tomorrow and Sunday from 2-9 PM. 

Tailgating Not Banned at Towson



Yesterday, Towson University officials rejected a controversial ban on student tailgating, to the relief of Student Government Association president Kevin Kutner. “Yes, there are some issues we needed to address, but at the end of the day, the university needs to trust their students. I wish students would be able to have more freedom with this kind of thing,” Kutner told the Baltimore Sun. Of course, for the administration to trust students, students need to prove that they can be trusted.

Binge Drinking Is a Big Problem for Maryland College Students



Binge drinking is associated with a host of public health problems, including increased rates of drunk driving, car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and domestic violence. So it’s troubling that the first Maryland College Alcohol Survey showed that nearly half of Maryland college students reported binge drinking in the previous month.

Fancy Thief Steals 2,142 Cases of Cognac in Baltimore



Some thieves steal money, or credit cards, or cars. But the classy thief steals cognac.

Or at least that’s what I like to imagine happened in Dundalk last weekend, when an enterprising burglar used a stolen truck to filch 2,142 cases (!) of cognac. (Cue “Pass the Courvoisier.”) Assuming each case included 12 bottles and each bottle contained 750 ml, that amounts to 19,278,000 ml, or more than 5,000 gallons, of the fancy liquor.

Get Your Moonshine While You Can; Maryland Poised to Outlaw “Incredibly Dangerous” Grain Alcohol



A bottle of Jack Daniels is 80 proof, meaning it contains 40% alcohol by volume. Grain alcohol is 190 proof, which means it’s twice as strong as whiskey. As you can imagine (or may have experienced, back in your wilder days), any drink that’s 95% alcohol can get you very drunk, very quickly. Which is exactly why Maryland lawmakers are trying to ban it.