Tailgating Not Banned at Towson

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Yesterday, Towson University officials rejected a controversial ban on student tailgating, to the relief of Student Government Association president Kevin Kutner. “Yes, there are some issues we needed to address, but at the end of the day, the university needs to trust their students. I wish students would be able to have more freedom with this kind of thing,” Kutner told the Baltimore Sun. Of course, for the administration to trust students, students need to prove that they can be trusted.

School administrators are in a tricky spot. Binge drinking is an increasing problem at Towson (and at universities in general). How can they protect their students without cramping their style. The proposed ban came about when “hostile, uncooperative” (aka wasted) students got in confrontations with pedestrians and drivers at a celebration last week.

Instead of an all-out ban, Towson is considering more moderate moves, such as stricter enforcement of their one-six-pack-per-person rule.

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