Drink Local Wine Conference to Be Held in Baltimore

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There’s no fancier way to get sloshed than with wine — I mean, sure, there’s absinthe and an endless list of elaborate cocktails, but there’s a certain understated sophistication in swirling your drink around and periodically dipping your nose in your glass that beats pouring a liquid twizzler through a sugar cube or dropping a shot inside a lowball glass — and Maryland is catching on to that fact. Our wine industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, the number of wineries here having increased by 50 percent since 2010.

And that’s one reason Baltimore was chosen as the site of the DrinkLocalWine’s 2013 conference, April 12 – 14. DrinkLocalWine was founded to shed light on American and Canadian wines produced anywhere but California, Oregon, and Washington. This year’s conference will focus on Maryland wines, natch.

We should take the whole thing as really quite an honor, as we only began producing wines a couple generations ago.


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