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Vino Veritas: The Contrary Vineyard


wet vineyard1

The bus to New York was crowded and cold and the pages of my training manual haphazardly highlighted and clipped were all over my lap. Less than a week as a wine shop sales associate and I already had to skip out of town to see a friend’s theater production, but the need to achieve would not relent. I scoured those pages on the bus, eager to fill the gaping chasm of my lack of wine knowledge from the ground to the glass.

Even at the end of three years of virtual saturation in material and product, wine and the knowledge thereof seems to be like so many other subjects: the more you learn, the more there appears left to learn, more daunting and more worthy the quest becomes. It was the first of many discoveries, the literature major in me unable to resist noticing pockets of metaphor tucked into the vineyard vignettes. Turns out, the story in my glass starts much earlier, deep in the dirt with roots reaching for the pulse of the place they’re growing.

Actually, less is more. When you initially think of an agrarian society, you assume that there will need to be plenty of sunshine, plenty of water, and nutrient-rich soil for whatever crop is growing, right? Because ideally a farmer would want a large, bountiful harvest, creating the provision of food and good income for the year. And I’d bet that’s probably true for a lot of things, but when it comes to viticulture, it’s almost the opposite. Vines that work the hardest in some of the toughest conditions often are the ones to produce the most wine-worthy fruit.

Christmas in Wine Country



Christmas is next week.  The family is starting to filter in, you haven’t finished shopping, and the house is still in disarray.  Get yourself and the extended family out of the house and to Boordy Vineyards on Saturday for a $5 wine tasting, some holiday music and a tour of the vineyards.

Enjoy carols by local artists and sip on your liquid stress relief as the obligations of the season melt away.   Forget about cooking for your vegan, gluten-free cousin.  Forget about making sure your mom gets the extra-firm mattress, that you don’t use the pine scented candles your uncle is allergic to, that you didn’t get the right Easy-Bake Oven for your child.  Shut your eyes, wrap your hands around a wine stem, and soak in the music of the season.  Just for an afternoon, allow yourself to relax and truly enjoy the holidays.

Drink Local Wine Conference to Be Held in Baltimore


There’s no fancier way to get sloshed than with wine — I mean, sure, there’s absinthe and an endless list of elaborate cocktails, but there’s a certain understated sophistication in swirling your drink around and periodically dipping your nose in your glass that beats pouring a liquid twizzler through a sugar cube or dropping a shot inside a lowball glass — and Maryland is catching on to that fact. Our wine industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, the number of wineries here having increased by 50 percent since 2010.