Sorry, Member of Congress, You Do NOT Get Any of This Free Pizza

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The downside of the government shutdown — well, you’ve probably already figured that part out, especially if you’re one of those non-essential employees. The upside? A few days off work, and free food at various Baltimore and DC area restaurants for furloughed federal employees… with one notable exception.

In DC, Bryan Voltaggio’s Range is offering free cheese pizza to government employees (with ID) until the shutdown is over. “Forgot to mention… members of Congress not eligible until you get your s— together,” Voltaggio clarified in a Tweet. Think being excluded from free pizza will finally be the thing that gets these guys to wise up and work this thing out? Who knows — it’s really good pizza!

Check out the Baltimore Sun’s roundup of furlough specials, some of which are limited to federal employees (one free drink at Midtown BBQ & Brew in Mt. Vernon), others which aren’t (an all-day margarita happy hour at Blue Agave in Federal Hill).

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