Sparrows Point Could Become a FedEx Hub

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sparrowsptFrom mill to mail? Once a main engine of the nation’s steelmaking, Sparrows Point could retool for the modern economy as an engine of online shopping deliveries.

According to the Baltimore Sun, FedEx is look at the former steel mill in Baltimore County as a potential site for a new distribution hub. For now, the only proposal on the table is a warehouse on a 43-45 acre property, Baltimore County documents state. Besides any official word from FedEx, there’s also the matter of the massive toxic waste cleanup on the site that was only recently hashed out.

With Amazon recently opening a million-square-foot warehouse in town, it looks like Baltimore’s port history is carrying it through the next generation as a prime place to store lots of stuff. Does this mean we’ll get same-day delivery from FedEx, too?

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