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Sparrows Point Could Become a FedEx Hub


sparrowsptFrom mill to mail? Once a main engine of the nation’s steelmaking, Sparrows Point could retool for the modern economy as an engine of online shopping deliveries.

Watch This Md. FedEx Deliveryman Toss a Package Like a Frisbee

via Deadspin
via Deadspin

Unfortunately for one FedEx employee, the Moon family of La Plata have a security camera on their front porch that emails a still image to the homeowners whenever the motion sensor is triggered. What you’re seeing coast 20 feet through the air is a package holding nothing more fragile than doll clothes for Jackie Moon’s twin daughters, but the man who flung the item — with impressive accuracy, by the way — was quickly terminated after the woman complained.

As Moon said, “There was nothing breakable in the package. That wasn’t my point. He had no idea what was in the package … it could have been something breakable. It was just the way that it was delivered to us, the carelessness that he took in delivering the package to our family.”