John Feinstein. Photo courtesy

John Feinstein has the magic touch. Two of his 29 books, A Good Walk Spoiled, about the PGA tour through the eyes of seventeen players, and A Season on the Brink, about Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers, are the two best-selling sports books of all time.

As The Wall Street Journal puts it, “Mr. Feinstein has made a specialty of delving into the lives of a select group of players and drawing a portrait of a particular world. In this, he has no peer.”

The acclaimed author comes to the Ivy Bookshop on Friday, September 14 at 6:30 for discussion and book signing.

One of his most poignant books, Caddy for Life, tells of the life and final days of Tom Watson’s caddy, Bruce Edwards, who had been diagnosed with ALS. It was made into a documentary for the Golf Channel in 2010. A Season on the Brink was also adapted into a movie for ESPN. He has also written a highly-sccuessful sports mystery series for young adults.  His most recent book, Rush for Gold: Mystery at the Olympics, is part of the series, which has had its share of bestsellers.

Feinstein spent over a decade as a sports and political reporter for the Washington Post, where he is still contributor.  He has also contributed to Sports IllustratedThe National Sports Daily, ESPN, CBS Sports and Golf Digest.

He is a commentator on NPR’s Morning Edition a regular on ESPN’s The Sports Reporters and a visiting professor of journalism at his alma mater, Duke University.  He currently hosts Sirius XM ‘s Beyond The Brink, and writes sports blog Feinstein on the Brink.

Don’t miss you chance to meet the author at the Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road, on Friday, September 14 at 6:30 or go to the Ivy Bookshop website to learn more.