Spring Are You Out There? Local Family Pleads for Warmer Weather on Video

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From Cool Progeny – Spring… are you out there? One local family turned Disney’s hot snowman song into a melodic plea for warm weather with a side of funny.

Featuring local Mt. Washington mom Kirsten Mackin and filmed/edited by her preteen daughter Sarah, I Don’t Want to Build a Snowman is EXACTLY what we’ve all been thinking. A parody of Disney’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (read: no!),  it’s racked up over 2,000 views on YouTube and counting.

“This has been so encouraging and motivational for Sarah – making videos is ‘her thing’ and you’ve really inspired her!” Kirsten wrote in a recent Facebook post.  “She’s already brainstorming her next project!! I just hope it allows me to make a fool of myself running around in warmth and sunshine!!!”

We hear that Sarah developed her mad film skills by participating in Wide Angle Youth Media, a non-profit organization that provides Baltimore youth with media education to tell their own stories and become engaged with their communities through quality after-school programming, in-school opportunities, summer workshops, community events, and an annual Youth Media Festival.

Take a look — and have a laugh. There is one grown-up word in the film. Expresses our sentiments exactly, but you might want to view without little ears around.

Can’t wait to see what this duo comes up with next!

(And we hope it involves running around in warmth and sunshine, too!)

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