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Tonight’s Storm Already Being Called One of the Worst in East Coast History

Photo by Greg Pease
Photo by Greg Pease

At least in snow-averse Baltimore, severe winter weather can make an impact well before it arrives. The promise of an historically severe blizzard hitting the region tonight has been enough to clear supermarket shelves, close schools, and earn a state-of-emergency declaration from the governor — all before any flakes begin to fall local.

Three Unusual Ways to Stay Cool in Baltimore



Welcome to August, the month where it’s so hot outside that you wonder whether your skin might actually melt. Never fear, Baltimore — the Fishbowl has some ideas about how you can cool down in Baltimore, even on the most sweltering day.

Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



Get Up & Go! Finding Somewhere to Thaw Out

With anticipated winter storm after anticipated winter storm, it’s hard to get excited about making weekend plans after a while. And who are we to say you should brave the weather? But if you are feeling adventurous over the next few days, here are some pretty safe bets for making the most of what we’re hoping is winter’s last hurrah.

Restaurant Week menus are still available all across the city through Absolutely Febulous. After your three course meal either this weekend or next,  you can head to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for a stellar evening of music to warm the soul. This weekend, it’s Patti Austin singing Ella & The Duke, and next weekend it’s The Firebird Suite.

If you’re down by the Harbor already, with no plans of leaving the neighborhood, you can catch $1 oysters at The Oceanaire all day tomorrow. Perfect for keeping your Lenten diet feeling decadent. Alternately, if you’re not leaving the house until this bitter weekend is over and you’re forced to, save Tuesday night for Cinghiale’s Cellar Raid, with 50% off full bottles of rare wines. They’ve got over 600 labels to choose from.

And of course, if a good shopping spree is what really gets your inner furnace glowing (we feel you), go check out some of the hot looks available at shops around Green Spring Station right now. And if there’s a wedding or other formal affair in your future, don’t miss the Eugenia trunk show at Francesca’s Atelier, which is on until the 28th. Slip into one of their gowns to stay warm by feeling hot.




Confronting Less Than Grand Grandparents


Hi, Whit:

My parents and my husband’s parents live close to us (mine, around 20 minutes, and his, within an hour), so we are lucky, especially since we have a two-year old daughter, “Kelsey.” Both sets of grandparents have been around for Kelsey’s birthdays, and we can easily go to both houses for Christmas/Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc. This should be the ideal set-up, right? But it’s not.

The problem is that my husband’s parents don’t really seem that interested in Kelsey. They are generous with birthday and holiday gifts, but they don’t spend much time with her. Even though they are all retired, only my parents are available if we need some help with her. To be honest, we have never asked my husband’s parents because they have never volunteered or indicated any willingness along those lines. They even want to be called “Grandmother and Grandfather” instead of much more affectionate names like “Nana and Pop-pop.”

What really bothers me is that I want my daughter (and any subsequent kids) to know all of their grandparents and have a strong connection like I did with my grandparents. I want her to feel special and loved by my husband’s parents like she does with mine.

I’ve wanted to talk to them so that they know how I feel, but my husband doesn’t see any point because, as he says, “They are just different people” than my parents. I feel like I ought to do something since it’s a question of how her life is going to be with them. I just can’t forget about it because I don’t want her to miss out on something so important. What do you think I should do?

Wants the Best for her Daughter

Dear Wants:

What I think you should do is to refrain from speaking to your in-laws about the way they behave toward your daughter (and especially what they want to be called by Kelsey) Talking to them can only make them feel that you disapprove of them as grandparents, which, of course, will only make them more hesitant to do anything with or for Kelsey.

Spring Are You Out There? Local Family Pleads for Warmer Weather on Video


From Cool Progeny – Spring… are you out there? One local family turned Disney’s hot snowman song into a melodic plea for warm weather with a side of funny.

Yesterday Was Baltimore’s Coldest March Day in Recorded History



Hope you’re wearing your fuzzy slippers and sipping on a nice, steaming mug of hot cocoa as you read this: Yesterday morning it was 4, yes 4 degrees outside, which made it the coldest March temperature ever recorded in Baltimore. I’ll repeat that, in case your snow-addled brain missed it the first time: Yesterday was the coldest March day in Baltimore, ever.

That Nature Show: The Power of the Lowly Groundhog

Photo courtesy Wik
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks!  Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

This Sunday, February 2 is Groundhog Day (GrundsaudaagMurmeltiertag) a holiday in the Pennsylvania German folkloric tradition of assessing when spring is coming based on the emergence of a ground-dwelling rodent.

They are my people, the Germans (not the rodents) on my mother’s side. My grandfather’s grandfather was a brewer outside of Pittsburgh, so as a child I was a big believer in the predictive abilities of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, Punxsutawney Pennsylvania’s most famous resident and a star of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

Groundhog's Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Photo by Aaron Silvers.
Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Photo by Aaron Silvers.

My outerwear was determined by a groundhog. In late February with ice still on the ground I’d say to  my grandma, “I don’t need a cardigan, Punxsutawney Phil said its going to be an early spring.” Like that carried weight.

Like you should trust the largest member of the squirrel family? Most certainly you should not. Research shows Phil’s “spring predictions are less accurate than chance.”