Three Unusual Ways to Stay Cool in Baltimore

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Welcome to August, the month where it’s so hot outside that you wonder whether your skin might actually melt. Never fear, Baltimore — the Fishbowl has some ideas about how you can cool down in Baltimore, even on the most sweltering day.

1. Visit the ice room at Seoul Spa. The Korean spa behind Security Square Mall is great in the winter, when you can hang out in the sauna and hot tubs and pretend you’ll never be cold again. But it’s also a treat in the summer, thanks to its 35-degree dipping pool (brr!) and its ice-lined -15 degree cold room (BRRRR!). Now that’s refreshing!

2. Drink a very, very cold beer. Every year the Baltimore City Paper determines the coldest beer in the city through a rigorous, double-blind study involving lots of pint glasses and thermometers. (Okay, so maybe “double-blind” is over-stating it.) This year, the city curfew stymied their beer-judging efforts, but I bet the beers at 2014/2013/2012 winner Pulaski Liquor Emporium (27.7 degrees– that’s colder than ice!) are still pretty chilly.

3. Linger in the city’s chilliest air conditioning. I try to remember to bring a sweater any time I need to visit the 33rd Street Barnes & Noble in Charles Village, or catch a movie at the Eastpoint Movie Theater on Eastern Ave. Readers, what are your picks for the coldest air conditioning in the city?


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