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With Snow and Cold Weather Still in the Forecast, Teachers Union asks for Schools to Close; Santelises Declines

City Schools headquarters. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Citing low temperatures in classrooms that have caused students and teachers to wear their winter coats indoors, the Baltimore Teachers Union requested in a letter sent Wednesday to City Schools CEO Sonja Santelises that schools in the district be closed until heating systems can be assessed and repaired.

Three Unusual Ways to Stay Cool in Baltimore



Welcome to August, the month where it’s so hot outside that you wonder whether your skin might actually melt. Never fear, Baltimore — the Fishbowl has some ideas about how you can cool down in Baltimore, even on the most sweltering day.

Maryland to Have a Colder, Costlier Winter This Time Around

Winter will be worse this year, but not as harsh as 2009.

The numbers are in: this winter is going to be colder than last. Of course, you probably could have guessed that after last year’s cold season, almost surreal in its wimpiness.

Luxury Apartments in Downtown Baltimore Lack Basic Amenities


If you were paying $2,300 a month for a two-bedroom luxury apartment — well, first off, don’t! Jeez! Okay, but anyway, let’s say for some reason you thought it made any sense at all to waste your money like that — you’d probably expect to have running water and maybe even air conditioning.

High Temps Freeze Farmers


That awful phrase “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” is starting to take on a whole new meaning this summer. If you’ve stepped outside your house in Baltimore (or really anywhere in the U.S.) in the past couple of months, you’ve noticed how crazy stupid hot it has been. On the 18th we tied our record for hottest day ever in the city at 107°– the only other time it has been that  toasty was in 1936. And even before that, on the 17th, we learned five more Marylanders had died from heat-related causes, bringing our total to 20 for the summer.

Are Beer-Guzzling Innertubers Ruining Gunpowder Falls?

Don’t be fooled. I photoshopped out all the innertubes.

Four hundred. That’s how many people police estimate are tubing down the Gunpowder every day. Most of them are assisted by Gary Kloch’s Tube N Taxi business, where they rent an innertube and hop on a shuttle to the river.

Critics of the business argue that a continuous parade of noisy, littering innertubers is less than appropriate on protected “wild” land in a state park, especially when there are other Gunpowder enthusiasts — trout fishers and kayakers — who are being edged out by the “excessive amount of tubing.”

Watch Out for the Heat Today, Baltimore!

Heatwave, the band.

Seriously, everybody watch out for this crazy heat today. Every weather service I’ve been consulting (read: obsessively rechecking waiting for the numbers to magically recede) has predicted a different high temperature, but they all agree it’ll be somewhere around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And WICKED HUMID. Same for tomorrow. And the low temperatures aren’t going to break 80 degrees!

What’s Going On at the National Weather Service?


As I was cruising for news stories this morning I saw this headline: “Weather Service Director Retires After Critical Investigation of Agency.” And I thought, Are people really so mad over this hot and humid weather that they’re taking it out on the National Weather Service? Were all these hurricanes and tornadoes of recent years inside jobs?