Luxury Apartments in Downtown Baltimore Lack Basic Amenities

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If you were paying $2,300 a month for a two-bedroom luxury apartment — well, first off, don’t! Jeez! Okay, but anyway, let’s say for some reason you thought it made any sense at all to waste your money like that — you’d probably expect to have running water and maybe even air conditioning.

Several tenants of the 21-story luxury apartment building the Zenith — and most everyone above the 12th floor– can no longer take those basic amenities for granted. Low water pressure, which the Zenith blames on the city, has kept many apartments dry and is believed also to be the cause of the epic air conditioning fail. The city is not certain whether the busted water main is responsible for the low water pressure, and has asked Zenith residents to be “patient.”

Waterless, air-conditioningless tenant Mark Rechkemmer said the company that manages the Zenith sprung for pizzas¬† and some bottles of water Sunday night for those in affected units, but I guess for Rechkemmer that just didn’t feel luxurious enough or whatever. He’s wondering why the company isn’t putting residents up in hotels. (Actually, they say they’re going to start doing just that — on a “night-by-night” basis.)

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