What’s Going On at the National Weather Service?

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As I was cruising for news stories this morning I saw this headline: “Weather Service Director Retires After Critical Investigation of Agency.” And I thought, Are people really so mad over this hot and humid weather that they’re taking it out on the National Weather Service? Were all these hurricanes and tornadoes of recent years inside jobs?

Then I read the article’s opening sentence, “…an investigative report found senior staff members at the agency had misdirected millions of dollars…” So then I thought, Has the NWS been redirecting funds toward some Nicola Tesla-style device to change the speed of the Earth’s rotation?

As it turns out, the NWS misappropriated funds from Congress to prevent furloughs at their field stations — no sign of fraud or personal financial gain. Boring!

Anyway, I can’t wait for the weekend, when the high temperatures won’t get over 82 degrees! When it’s hot like this, all I can think about is the weather. Am I right? Am I right?

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