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Lines in the Sand with Loads of Potential: The Sandlot’s Opening Week


The Sandlot, Baltimore’s new beachside restaurant, gleams with potential right off the bat.

Young Audiences’ Summer Arts Academy Helps Low-Income Students Get Ahead

Photo via Young Audiences of Maryland

On June 13, students across Baltimore City will exit school to enjoy the warm weather and some restored weekday freedom. About a month later, city schools and local nonprofit Young Audiences will bring more than 1,000 of them back to brush up on their reading and math skills.

The Biggest Cicadas May be Showing Up Four Years Early in Summer 2017


With the right timing and proximity to some nearby woods, you may have already heard the harbinger-like chatter in the treetops around the Baltimore area. While we expect to hear cicadas every summer, one local bug expert says these ones may have crawled out of the ground early this year.

Local Initiative Gives $3 Million to ‘High-Quality’ Summer Youth Programs, with $1 Million Coming from Weinberg Foundation

Students in the Young Audiences Summer Arts Learning Academy in August 2016. Photo via Young Audiences of Maryland/Facebook.

An infusion of money from the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation and 10 other groups and businesses will support 41 “high-quality summer programs” serving youth from Baltimore’s low-income communities following the end of this school year.

It’s Going to Be a Longer Summer Than Usual for Baltimore Schools

photo courtesy of cleveland.com.

If you were among those hoping schools would be closed a little bit longer this week, you may have been disappointed that Winter Storm Stella only brought a few inches of snow to Baltimore. But those days off are probably still happening — just when the weather is a bit nicer.

Baltimore Clayworks Summer Camps


_DSC1804 2

catch of the day fish (2)

Ceramists know something very important. It’s that clay, any way you slice it, is fun. And while for many adults, thinking of pottery making still recalls the famous scene from the movie Ghost (could be worse, right?), there’s an entire world of history, ecology, and craft that goes into making things out of clay. Baltimore Clayworks has been the local hub for Baltimore ceramics enthusiasts for the past 36 years. Through their Mt. Washington campus and community sites in under-resourced neighborhoods across the region, Baltimore Clayworks has brought the joy of clay to adults and children alike through innumerable classes, workshops, events and exhibitions. This summer, Baltimore Clayworks will be offering ten 1-week long summer camps for kids and teens, each with a different theme. They’re open to kids ages 6-15, and believe us, they’re all awesome.

Three Unusual Ways to Stay Cool in Baltimore



Welcome to August, the month where it’s so hot outside that you wonder whether your skin might actually melt. Never fear, Baltimore — the Fishbowl has some ideas about how you can cool down in Baltimore, even on the most sweltering day.

This Video of Baltimore Dancers Perfectly Epitomizes Summer


Silent Groove Official Version from effervescent collective on Vimeo.

What is it that makes this video by Baltimore dance group the Effervescent Collective just so perfectly summery? Is it their crop tops? Their pastel shorts? The comfy sneakers? The rolling around in the grass? The skatepark setting? All of the above?

Flicks on the Hill: Outdoor Film at AVAM


FIlm at AVAM

catch of the day fish (2)This is one of our favorite catches to share all year. Maybe because we can share it without fear of the event selling out, or our readers snatching up a great deal before we get the chance. Flicks on the Hill is AVAM’s perennial outdoor film series that brings hordes of Baltimoreans together each summer to watch some of the most beloved, fun, and just slightly off-beat films of years past. This year’s series kicks off with Back to the Future, which is being screened on Thursday, July 10th. A different film follows each week, including hits like Hugo, Time Bandits, and Jurassic Park.

Baltimore Beach Volleyball at Rash Field


Baltimore Beach

catch of the day fish (2)Nothing says summer fun like the sight of bronzed figures leaping around in the sand, sending volleyballs over the net. In fact, many of us have shown up to our summer day at the beach with friends and family only to look over at those happy volleyball players some yards over, thinking, “did they bring that net with them? Do they do this all the time? Were they planted here by the chamber of commerce or something to enhance the beach’s image?” Well, we may not ever have the answers to those exact questions, but we can definitely get closer to them (or to actually being those jubilant, bronzed volleyball players) thanks to Baltimore Beach Volleyball down at the Inner Harbor.