Flicks on the Hill: Outdoor Film at AVAM

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FIlm at AVAM

catch of the day fish (2)This is one of our favorite catches to share all year. Maybe because we can share it without fear of the event selling out, or our readers snatching up a great deal before we get the chance. Flicks on the Hill is AVAM’s perennial outdoor film series that brings hordes of Baltimoreans together each summer to watch some of the most beloved, fun, and just slightly off-beat films of years past. This year’s series kicks off with Back to the Future, which is being screened on Thursday, July 10th. A different film follows each week, including hits like Hugo, Time Bandits, and Jurassic Park.

By far the largest outdoor movie night in town, Flicks on the Hill brings together as many as 800 viewers per screening. The venue is just perfect, with the screen and speakers built into the side of the museum building, and the hill behind the museum serving as nature’s bleachers.  Make sure to show up early for a good spot, and feel free to bring a picnic, a blanket, a chair, and anything else that makes for ideal outdoor viewing. Also of note is that the museum itself is free from 5-9PM the day of the film, so building in a little extra time for a visit isn’t a bad idea.

Flicks on the Hill begins Thursday, July 10th and continues each week through August 28th. Film screenings take place behind the American Visionary Art Museum at 9pm. For more information, visit www.avam.org

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