Tonight’s Storm Already Being Called One of the Worst in East Coast History

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Photo by Greg Pease
Photo by Greg Pease

At least in snow-averse Baltimore, severe winter weather can make an impact well before it arrives. The promise of an historically severe blizzard hitting the region tonight has been enough to clear supermarket shelves, close schools, and earn a state-of-emergency declaration from the governor — all before any flakes begin to fall local.

Damage from the storm — named “Jonas” by the Weather Channel, which had also considered “Winter Storm YOLO” — is already being estimated. National Weather Service Director Louis Uccellini suggested today that the blizzard could very well bring $1 billion worth of carnage, “affect[ing] more than 50 million people.”

With expected accumulations between one and three inches and hour for 24 hours, the National Weather Service deemed this storm among the worst to have ever hit the East Coast.

So, while you prepare to weather a potentially dangerous storm, take a moment to appreciate this strange moment of expectant uncertainty and raise a glass to the discipline of meteorology.

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  1. Hope many people were able to see the three lighted billboards on 295 by the Horseshoe Casino and on the
    JFX that have been flashing BLIZZARD WARNING in yellow and red for days. Someone with a sense of humor created a follow up screen that showed Lucy of Peanuts fame shouting Two Feet; Are You Kidding?

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