SRB Eager to “Bring All the Facts to Light” Regarding Secret Audit

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I love that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake apparently “looks forward to working with the council and continuing our efforts to bring all the facts to light” about a secret audit of Baltimore’s 2012 speed camera system, the results of which her administration still refuses to release, citing “attorney work product privilege.” I love it because I love things that confuse me.

Councilman James Kraft, chair of the Judiciary Committee, is leading what he promises will be a “very thorough investigation” into the hushed audit that happened to be delivered to the mayor just before she announced that the city would be taking its camera system offline.

Councilman Carl Stokes — miffed at responsibility for the probe being “hijacked away from” his own Taxation and Finance Committee — is calling for speed camera vendors to refund all tickets issued in Baltimore, which — since the system’s implementation in 2009 — have totaled $50 million. A pleasant fantasy.





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