If you happen to be walking down the boardwalk in Ocean City and spot what looks like Janet from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or the mom, Lorraine, from Back to the Future, it’s not a look-alike. Susan Sarandon and Lea Thompson are “down the ocean” filming Ping Pong Summer, a movie scheduled to be released next year. The film stars Sarandon and Thompson and also John Hannah and is directed and written by Michael Tully.

Other cast members include Marcello Conte, Andy Riddle, as well as Marylanders Myles Massey, Joseph McCaughtery, Helena Seabrook, Maddie Howard and Emmi Shockley.

IMBD  describes the movie’s plot this way:  “A family vacation during the summer of 1985 changes everything for a teenage boy obsessed with ping pong.”

Sure to be a hit!