In 2009, Maryland passed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, which gave the Department of Environment until the end of 2011 to draft a plan to reduce (by twenty-five percent) greenhouse gas emissions in the state by 2020. Unfortunately, that plan will be “slightly delayed.”

“It’s a big job,” Department of Environment spokesman Jay Apperson told The Baltimore Sun. No kidding. Not only does the plan need to satisfy the emissions goals; our legislature has also demanded that it economically benefit the state and create jobs!

Of the 65 strategies laid out in the plan (which is so close to being done, trust me) apparently many are measures that are already on the books, and none will impose regulations on manufacturers.

But, hey, reducing emissions may not be as hard as we think. The 2007 economic downturn has already helped Maryland reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 8.4 percent.