Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Starts Consulting Firm

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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, video still via

A week after she turned over the city’s top job, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is joining the ranks of former politicians in consulting.

A letter announcing the new firm SRB and Associates circulated Wednesday. Rawlings-Blake writes that she “tackled the most intractable problems in American cities and have become a national leader.”

The firm’s website says it offers “a full range of problem solving, consulting and advocacy services with a focus on improving cities and cultivating new ideas.” SRB is aiming to work with cities and businesses, with the site mainly drawing attention to her work on economic development and the city’s internal finances.

“As Mayor, she helped Baltimore become a national leader in attracting millennials and fostering entrepreneurship,” it says.

She is also looking to help political candidates with messaging and media materials. The site says she is also available for speaking roles.

The letter states that the firm has offices at 4800 Roland Ave. in Roland Park, which also houses Johnny’s and Petit Louis.

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