Studio Movie Grill Plans Dinner-and-a-Movie Location in Downtown Baltimore

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Studio Movie Grill

Landmark Harbor East is about to get some competition as Dallas-based Studio Movie Grill plans to open a theater showing first-run films in downtown Baltimore. But the twist is, patrons at Studio Movie Grill will have access to a full restaurant and bar serving dishes like “sage-dusted pork chops and mahi mahi fish and chips.”

As novel as that idea is, it’s actually the second such dinner-and-a-movie concept slated for Baltimore. At the end of March, you may recall, it was announced that Rotunda Cinemas in North Baltimore would be replaced by CineBistro, offering in-theater dining and “ultra-luxurious” high-backed leather rocking chairs.

Studio Movie Grill said they’re not sweating CineBistro and don’t envision much overlap between audiences for the two locations.

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