I saw it. While driving on Hillside Road this morning, I saw it. Among the dense green trees (driving that road always makes me feel like I am in a BMW commercial) I spotted fall’s first touch of gold. To me, it’s a little mini-miracle every year.

It’s also a sign that I need to get busy. There are mouth guards to be molded, moth damage to be assessed and bedtime enforcement to be carried out. Along with the fall, structure comes marching in.

The good news is that the fun is not over, it’s just changed its flavor. For me, the lighter side of fall means reconnecting with friends over a great meals on chilly nights. Getting aqquainted with the new restaurants and choosing where to go is part of the joy. Some Harbor East options are on the horizon that have me intrigued, and here’s the skinny:

Ouzo Bay

First, there is the newly opened Ouzo Bay: Greek Kouzina (kouzina is greek for kitchen). The design scheme is definitely “we are having a night on the town.” Marble, cobalt lighting and a schmoozy outdoor seating have a very Southbeach/Mykonos vibe.

The menu consists of fresh fish and prime meats, flown in daily, sold by the pound and prepared on a charcoal grill. Sounding familiar? The Black Olive? I am wondering how they are going to improve on the Black Olive’s quaint charm. Assuming they can match the quality of the food I guess its going to be a matter of preference. Do you prefer your bronzino with a glass of robola and a hand-tooled leather sandal or a chocolate martini and a sky-high patent stiletto. Different strokes.

Next up is Fleet Street Kitchen, which will open on September 20th. This one has me excited. Brought to you by the growing Bagby Restaurant Group (TEN TEN, Bagby Pizza Co.) it seems to have have the right focus, which in my humble opinion is food. The restaurants owner, David Smith, took the whole local, ethical and sustainable thing to heart and decided to dedicate some of his Hunt Valley estate’s (importantly called Cunnigham Manor) land to farming. To that end, eight acres have now been dubbed Cunningham Farms and supply the restaurant with produce, herbs and eggs. The website doesn’t give too much away yet but the photo gallery is filled with gorgeous images of farmer’s market freshness that make me hungry. If you are smart you will book a table now. I did.

Last, we have Gordon Biersch which is due to open its doors on Lancaster Street (next to Charleston) on October 22nd. Yes, it is a chain and yes, there are wings, chicken ceasar salad and cajun pasta on the menu but things might not be as grim as they appear. These people take their beer seriously and they have former Brewers Art head brewer Chris Cashell (famous for developing the famous Resurrection Ale).

The owners are also spending $3 million on the location, which sounds promising. In the end, I’m hoping for food that is a little more CPK than Applebees and I’m expecting great beer. A fun chilly Saturday afternoon spot?

That reminds me I need a new pair of boots for fall . . .

Krista will be back with more restaurant news next week…- The Eds.

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  1. Krista…i feel the same way about Hillside Road. I like to drive it as fast as possible, but don’t tell anyone!

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