Sunnyfields Cabinetry has been in the home renovation business for years, offering fine cabinetry solutions in a variety of styles to homes in the Baltimore region. The Mt. Washington-based company has launched a new seminar series for homeowners in the early development stages of home renovations, to offer them unique access to the process of planning and executing large-scale projects. Kitchen renovations can quickly become daunting when you can’t understand the process, but the possibilities are endless with an open and communicative team. Feeling confident you understand the process is key to having a successful project.

The first seminar, Tear Down the Wall, Open Up the Possibilities, on Saturday, May 5, will speak to customers interested in embarking on open floorplan renovations. Many homes in Baltimore were built in the early 1900’s, with smaller kitchens and closed off rooms for heating efficiency, and privacy.

“They were built for people of a different lifestyle – who interacted with their homes differently than families today,” says Brandon Jones, president of Sunnyfields.

In the past, for example, cooking was something of a chore, and not seen as a communal activity. Modern families are more interested in using the kitchen and cooking meals, as a way of coming together for conversation. Because of that, many homeowners are opting to brave the process of knocking down walls in their homes and changing to open floor plans.

The event includes a brief intro, a presentation by Sunnyfields’ president, Brandon Jones, and a tour and orientation of the Sunnyfields’ showroom by cabinet specialist, August Reichart. Following the talks, customers will have the opportunity to mingle and meet with professionals one-on-one while enjoying a light lunch. Each seminar will also include a trade professional, and the May 5 event will host Floors, Etc. of Timonium.

“We’re trying to open our doors to give access and show how we think,” says Jones, who has over 15 years of experience in the business.

Sunnyfields does an average of 50 kitchen renovations each year, about a quarter of which involve a large decision like tearing down a wall. The company does not take those decisions lightly and sits a team of designers in on an initial interview with each new customer to hear what changes are desired and determine whether significant changes are necessary and viable. The seminar series seeks to open that process up for first-time customers, hoping for insight on the factors and issues that come up from the viewpoint of designers and developers in renovation projects. Offering a winning combination of high design capability, experience, and the mindset and analysis to ensure responsible choices, Sunnyfields is a standout in quality and creative home design.

Tear Down the Wall, Open Up the Possibilities, will be held Saturday, May 5, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Sunnyfields Showroom, 6305 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit the website, or contact Jenni Sleichter, Sunnyfields’ showroom manager, by phone at 410-823-6666.

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