Jesse A. Bowen
Jesse A. Bowen

So far, justice moved swiftly after Vi Ripken’s attempted carjacking on Tuesday. Of course it helped that the incident took place in view of an ATM camera and that the suspect had had a run-in with Aberdeen Police a week before.

Jesse A. Bowen, 33, of Havre de Grace has been charged with attempted armed robbery, attempted armed car jacking, possessing a dangerous weapon, and first degree assault, as well as “several controlled substance related charges.”

Bowen now sits in the Harford County Detention Center, where he is being held without bail.

Unfortunately, this eerily similar crime has no likely connection to Ripken’s mysterious 24-hour kidnapping last year, the investigation of which has yet to lead to an arrest.

According to Aberdeen’s Lt. Fred Budnick, Ripken is a “strong woman and seemed to be holding up fairly well.”

Here’s to Vi getting over the effects of this second ordeal quickly!