Ah, spring. Sunshine, flowers, warm weather. We’ve been waiting for this for too long, right? And yet, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that lately, whenever there’s a warm, sunny day, I actually have a moment of being terrified—upset, even. I’m so used to my winter wardrobe (my uniform, I’ve taken to calling it) that I’m actually not ready for something that doesn’t involve my well-worn layers of drab-colored wool. So consider this as much a self-help (as in, help for myself) mission as a public service announcement. Spring is here, and it’s time to re-boot the wardrobe, and it’s been so long that we should probably seek the help of a professional. Or several.  That’s why we checked in with some of the boutiques at Green Spring Station and asked them each for their one top pick for Spring 2013.


For those who want to go Easter egg hunting in style (warning: this may have to mean avoiding grass stains, mud, and using one’s shirt as a napkin), the PGA Official kids line arrives at Wee Chic! The line is spot on with one of 2013’s biggest trends in kids’ clothing. According to parenting.com, this season is all about “pretty patterns, hipster formal and lots of yellow!” And getting the little ones into these formal looking duds doesn’t have to be a chore. Wee Chic’s dedication to carrying only comfortable cuts in high quality fabrics means that this collection can satisfy both you and your child’s fashion standards. Created in collaboration with design genius Paul Nguyen, the collection is described by Nguyen himself as “country club meets California cool.” Now available for boys and girls at Wee Chic.


Well, there’s always one rule-breaker in every crowd. When asked for their one (we repeat, one) top spring item, the enthusiasts at FRESH! Boutique just couldn’t whittle it down. Well, the more the merrier, we say. FRESH’s take:

“First, we are really excited to showcase Max & Cleo’s strapless print dress this season. Prints are extremely in, as well as the high-low cut of the dress; This dress is sure to be a hot item.”

Indeed, Fashion Week 2013 could have easily been renamed “Prints on Parade Week,” as far as we could tell. Everyone from Paul & Joe to Moschino had gorgeous, colorful prints going up and down the runway. Other pieces FRESH just happens to be excited about:

Bailey 44‘s black and nude Madrid Dress is heading the leather and lace theme that is expected to take off for Spring. With its leather bust and black lace and nude bottom, Bailey 44 has created one of our favorite items for this trend. “

The dress combines the luxe lace that NY Mag’s thecut.com cites as a big trend this year, along with the luxe leather that Glamour.com names among the most wearable trends for Spring 2013.

“Finally, pastels have become more saturated for this Spring and Black Halo does a beautiful job with their ice colored Dallas Dress; it is definitely a classic Spring look with a twist.”

The cool, seafoam shade is exactly the color The Cut reports to be the “in” color of the season.


This spring, fashion website Refinery 29 has been pushing espadrilles, and who are we to argue? Meanwhile, the folks at Matava Shoes tell us that vibrant colors will be all the rage for spring; so how to get the best of both worlds? With the Vidoretta “Gita,” an espardrille wedge with an orange suede upper and adorned with a matching flower accent for $135 that puts you on trend for spring and summer. Though your toes might shiver to think of these right now, in a few weeks, you’ll be glad you’ve got them.


When it comes to accessories this spring, think about detail, and the tiny things that make a piece unique. The perfect example of this? The Blessing Bracelet. Says Richard Price, of The Sporting Life: “We are very excited about our beautiful new  BLESSING BRACELETS, which are sterling silver stretch with Swarovski pearls in many beautiful colors for $29!

Each bracelet comes with a lovely message that makes it even more special.” Tuck one in an Easter Egg that someone special is sure to find. Says Richard, “It is the perfect gift!”


The folks at Panache have this to say for spring: “Four-way stretch jeans! Bright florals and colored lace.” Ding-ding-ding! Lace dresses are absolutely a hit this season—especially according to an official Trend Report from the folks at Elle. Lace and color detail are perfect right now, and will continue to be wearable well into the season. That must be why Panache singled out this super-fab Yoana Baraschi dress with the perfect amount of detail and color for the season. $335.

Now I need to go clear my closet.  I think I’m ready to store my “uniform” for the season.

These and more of the best of spring fashion can be found at Green Spring Station, located at 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville. For more information, visit www.greenspringstation.com.