I don’t know how many murder mystery/synchronized swimming performances you’ve seen lately, but I tend to believe Fluid Movement when they claim that this weekend’s Mobtown Murder Mystery will be “the greatest water ballet thriller in many years.”

If you’ve got an out of town visitor staying with you for the weekend, this is pretty much your ideal event. Your house guests will be able to appreciate how talented, imaginative, and just plain weird Baltimoreans are. Next week they can slink back to Boston or Houston or Toronto or wherever, and tell all their friends about the “live film-noir inspired daytime synchronized swimming extravaganza!!!” they saw performed in Baltimore.

The relevant details:  the show will splash your way this weekend (Saturday, July 23 at 3pm and 5pm; Sunday, July 24 at 5pm and 7pm) at Druid Hill Park Pool; it’ll repeat next weekend on Sunday, July 31 (5pm and 7pm) at Patterson Park Pool. Tickets cost $10. But for the full-immersion experience, consider attending the Benefit Show on Saturday, July 30 at 6pm (also at Patterson Park Pool):  you’ll get to watch the show, plus enjoy a pool party with food, drinks, and general silliness. That one costs $20, and is well worth it.